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#1: PINGER Author: FeloniousRatLocation: Isle of Wight UK PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:32 pm
I tried to use contact for this message, however a security code is needed and non appears to it would not send.

Hi, Yes I'm a newbie.
However, I believe that there is a fault with PINGER

I cannot describe this fault because its just too darn complicated but I'll try.

For no reason I could not join TIOCOOP
I had altered PINGER. Its the only thingh that I had done.
Later I tried to add an address (I've done that many times before), things then went to hell in a handcart.
TIOCOOP would not load. Got to join game, up comes pinger, click the appropiate address, JOINING session and FREEZES.

So, I totally deleted pinger.
When i went into the normal BHD game, the pinger list for joining was empty, GREAT.
Added TTB. it worked.
Clicked TIOCOOP, the shortcut on my desktop, when I got to the pinger list.
It had NOT UPDATED. It was NOT empty. It still had all the address's it had from the deleted pingers list. EXACTLY.

Sorry this is long and it would be difficult for me to discuss as much of this is 3000 miles over my rat brain.
I just hope it helps ironing out a "wart" or two.

#2: Re: PINGER Author: 2DNED PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:05 pm
G'Day and Welcome.
For some the pinger can cause issues not sure why but there are 3 way to join a server.

If one way fails try another. Razz

#3: Re: PINGER Author: 2DNED PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:12 pm
FeloniousRat wrote:
I tried to use contact for this message, however a security code is needed and non appears to it would not send.

Im looking into the bug as i type, thanks for letting us know about it.

#4: Re: PINGER Author: FeloniousRatLocation: Isle of Wight UK PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:08 pm
Thank You for your response 2DNed.

What gauls me, is the fact that I was using pinger to get into the game then suddenly pinger would not allow access?

When I reinstalled pinger, the IP address's for TIO COOP's showed, (as far as pinger was concerned)that those IP address's did not exist. (including MOD 1.9.2)

The original COOP's (without the MOD) 208.107.184.**:17479 and 17477 disappeared. Pinger can't find those address's.
The new install found, EID, TTB and Julies Party OK.

So I have to ask. Have the address's been changed?
The IP address I was using was:

The reason I'm upset is the fact that I cannot get in through Nova.
I cannot resolve an account problem. (Nova's problem).
Pinger was the only way I could play the game.
Ask Ted, he's played alongside me a few times.
I know its running because my mates are in the MOD version.

Can you help me get in some way please.
I have been a supporter of your work from the first time I played MOD 1.9.2

#5: Re: PINGER Author: TedsmellyLocation: Qld Australia PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:21 pm
Hi FeloniousRat,
Sorry for the late response. I am working away from home doing 12hr nightshifts for the last 10 days.

I had to re-install pinger and was lucky it worked fine. If you are using WIN 10, the updates are not very friendly.

When you un-install the pinger, it does not remove your "Startup.htm" file from your game folder. So you will see the pinger interface page with all your saved favourites. You won't be able to join using them.

When you re-install the pinger it will give you a blank interface page "Startup.htm" so you can start fresh.

Our IP address for our American server has changed. the ports remain the same.

When you get to the pinger page you can click on the "Play Public Games" link and it will take you to an alternate Lobby. You can join straight from that lobby or just get info about the servers.

The only way you can see the servers in the top window pane of the pinger, is to login to Novaworld lobby, then close your game . This will give your Pinger a fresh cookie.

I hope this helps you get back in the action. I will be home in about 3 weeks and we will get this sorted if you can not join.


You can always find server info Here in a post called TIO Server IP's and Ports

BHD Pinger info

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#6: Re: PINGER Author: FeloniousRatLocation: Isle of Wight UK PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:16 pm
Thanks for the heads up Ted.

I am a win 7 user.
When I deleted pinger I wrote down all the addresses I wanted. (TIO, TTB, EID etc)
When I reinstalled pinger, I manually added each server address to the reinstalled pinger.
I realised that the address must have been changed or removed as pinger allowed ALL address's inc TIO Aussie but not the TIO American?)

Ill try the new address later but I'm sure with your help it will work.

Thanks for your time Ted....
To be a Royal pain the backside,,(as is my want) I will also be posting about a problem
I have with the map editor...:) in the map forum.


Felonious Rat

#7: Re: PINGER Author: TedsmellyLocation: Qld Australia PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:36 am
It's all good Felonious, it is never a pain to help people. I understand your frustration and all we want is for people to come and enjoy playing the Mod with us.

#8: Re: PINGER Author: McGyver PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:52 am
I know this is an old post but for future reference this is how to update the startup.html file for TIO mod to get the server list if you have the mod installed in a different game folder.

Lets say you have your game mod installed in a different folder say something like...
C:\Program Files (x86)\NovaLogic\Delta Force Black Hawk Down - Coop

Step 1:
run pinger as administrator

in pinger up top click options then make sure that the Game startup tab is selected then where is says DFBHD Folder click the Browse button then browse to the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\NovaLogic\Delta Force Black Hawk Down - Coop" or where you have the TIO Mod installed folder select the dfbhd.exe file then click ok.

Step 3:
Select Gametype installed either normal BHD or BHDTS then click ok exit the option window.

Click the Add Server icon add all the servers you want to play in... then after that you will see a icon that says create playlist(Startup.html) above the add server icon click that and it will update your server list.

Exit Pinger then run the TIO Mod your new servers that you have added will now show up in the list.

Hope this helps.

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