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#1: Help for new TIO MED editor Author: FeloniousRat PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:47 pm
To anyone who wants to help me make some maps.
My joy of BHD was making single player maps.

I noticed that TIO would load OLD style BHD maps...Cool I thought.

I then made a map (idiot level) in the new TIO MED.
Everything looked good. The Helicopter took off, landed.
The AI's all positioned on the ground and in buildings.

Then crushing dissapointment.

I (strart player) could NOT die. Nothing could kill me.
AI's were pumping RPG's and bullets my way but no cigar.

I am using start player (like the old bhd.)
The list of player types in General Info (CO-OP, Deathmatch, Team Death Match ete)are all UNTICKED. the same as the old BHD for single player.
I am "Saving with STATS"

There is just one thing different!
On loading a map, whether an old BHD or starting a new map with the TIO MED.
I clicked it off and then made the map.
Could this be the problem, if so why the warning?

I run win 7 and have made countless maps on this computer and this operating system with old style BHD map editors.

So, anyone want to tell the Rat what he's doing wrong or could someone be generous enough to send me a simple .MIS and .BMS of a map that is made in the TIO MED that comes with the download. So maybe I can work it out myself.
I'm sure we could find away of meeting up on TIO T/S and I'll give you an e-mail address.

Felonious Rat.

#2: Re: Help for new TIO MED editor Author: TedsmellyLocation: Qld Australia PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:57 am
Hi Felonious,
You are not doing anything wrong, it is a stuff up by me. The RPG and M21 AI will not kill you. I did something wrong with the coding just before release. I was very annoyed to find this out after Public release.

All other AI will kill you. You will see and hear the RPG coming at you, then the explosion around you and the hit effect upon you but no die.

I have been very busy working since the release and have not had time to post problems. All my work is away from home and that in itself makes it hard to keep up.

As for that stupid "WARNING UNABLE TO LOAD MISSION BIN FILE", just press ok. It has always been with us telling lies.

I have sent you a PM.

#3: Re: Help for new TIO MED editor Author: FeloniousRat PostPosted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:32 am
Many thanks for your help Ted. with both subjects.
Got the PM too...:)

Oddly enough I played a map on American server today.
The health of my player was bouncing as I got shot. It went down,,,then bounced back up to 100% health. (health issue?)
About 2pm GMT I played the map, start in the open with a long single bar gate. Leads to an open square, then down a hill to a hanger on the right. Finishing by an nodding donkey oil pump and boat trip from peir to finish.
Very odd?

Take care and thanks again Ted

felonious Rat

#4: Re: Help for new TIO MED editor Author: TedsmellyLocation: Qld Australia PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:40 am
Felonious, the map may have had an health area trigger. The health may have been set very low and when you got shot you would lose health then gain it again while you were still in the health area.

I would have to know the map and check it in the med to be sure.

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