MED Fixer (BHD / C4 / DFX / JO)


If you’ve been having Issues Launching the BHD / C4 / JO Med (Or any other NovaLogic Med) recently, Sil and Scott have found a fix for it.

We combined all the fixes into one Single App that installs the fixes without a Batch File. Seems quite a few people were having issues with that.


Download the App and it will install a set of Compatibility Flags for the Mission Editors to help them run properly under Windows 10 1703+. It will also allow you to install fixes for DF1, DFLW and DFTFD and other games.


This app installs application compatibility fixes for the following items:


Delta Force 1 (Remove Window Borders)
Delta Force LW (Remove Window Borders, Remove Swap File Message)
Delta Force TFD (Remove Window Borders, Remove Swap File Message)
NovaLogic Mission Editors (MEDS) (Fixes crash when launching NovaLogic MEDs on Windows 7+)

Download the file and select your fix to install it. (Requires .NET Framework v4.)


Thanks to everyone for all the information that helped make this app possible.