PFF Packit


This “Packit Tool” will pack or Un-Pack a PFF. There is a “Packit Help Readme” in the zip file.

The “Pack Program” requires two files in order to work, the “Pack.exe” and the “PackPFF MS Dos Batch” Files.

Right click on the “PackPFF Batch”¬†file and select “Edit” in order to edit it’s commands.




–General structure of the coding is like so–


# 1: Pack Name.pff +*.bin (Name is the name of your mod)

# 2: + or – tells if you want to add (+) or take out (-) a file from the .pff

# 3: Name of the file you want to be packed. using a *.xxx is a wildcard pack or un-pack. It basically packs everything in the same folder as the “pack.exe” and “packPFF batch file” that is of file type .xxx OR takes everything out of the .pff that is of file type .xxx

# 4: Pack Name.pff option (Name is the name of your mod)

# 5: Opt(timise) essentially “de-frags” the .pff by moving all of the files into white space created by “deleted” files, thereby making the .pff as small as possible