TIOcoop Mod V1.9.2

You are able to install our “TIOcoop Mod” with “Black Hawk Down” only or with “Black Hawk Down Team Sabre” installed on your computer. Both “Black Hawk Down” and “Black Hawk Down Team Sabre” players can join a “TIOcoop Mod” server and play together.


The Mod is designed for “Co-Op Gameplay“. All other game types are available but uneven weapon distribution exists.


If you use the “Medic Mod”, you need to re-move the “Weapon.Def  file from your game folder or re-name it before you play any of our Mods. (View more info about the “Medic Mod” below in “Related Info” )


If you do not re-move or re-name the “Weapon.Def file you will be punted from “TIOcoop Mod” servers.



You can always find our Game Server info Here in a post called TIO Server IP’s and Ports



–Click the link below for full details on downloading and installing the TIOcoop Mod–


Installation Procedure –DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING TIOCOOP MOD VERSION 1.9.2– Installation Procedure





A new look and layout to the game menu, new fonts, new continuous menu music, new Intro Video and a drum roll when entering a map.



The Camo Mission Editor was part of the TIOcoop92 but we removed it. It needs more work before it can be used. Your BHD player Character can still be in the correct Camo uniform for the terrain type. Camo change instructions can be found on our web site in a post called HOW TO CHANGE BHD PLAYER CHARACTER CAMO



AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI will run left and right, roll left and right, go prone, dive to prone, stoop and walk, crawl forwards and sideways, draw backward and sideways, Knee and shoot, walk and shoot, run and shoot, shoot from prone, jump better and have some other styles of running.


New AI – There are AI that throw knives, grenades and flashbangs, A deadly flamerthrower AI, Four wounded soldiers laying on the ground with bodies that twist and flinch from the hips. Three skeletons – One all messed up, Three zombies – one crawls, another zombie walks and the other walk/runs real weird.


You will hear many different weapon sounds coming from the AI. Some AI will shoot you and then come up and Tea Bag you. Others will kill you and come over and put a few shots into your corpse for good measure. Another will go prone next to your dead body and shoot your Teammates as they come to Revive you.



New uniforms for player characters, New character faces, Player character speed has increased.



You will see many different FX, All splashes, ripples, wakes, fountains, bubbles and sprays will have a light blue look. Explosions will have thicker smoke, explosion flames will have a different look and shape.

There will be FX giving your map Flying Moths, Butterflies, Fireflies, Mosquitos and Jumping Bugs. Bigger and better electrical sparks, Bigger kill zones for explosions and debris spread to match.


Other FX – Fog Mist, Stars, Blinking Stars, Lightning, Large Dust Storms, Intermittent Dust Storms, Erupting Volcano Effect and a Nuclear Explosion Effect.



Most of the original Black Hawk Down sounds have been refreshed and hundreds of new sounds added. Hundreds of dialog waves for SinglePlayer maps.



Seven Assault Rifles, Five Sniper Rifles, Two Machine Guns, Five Hand Guns, Three (Stinger, Mortar, AT4) Launchers, Satchel Charge.


Additional Weapons
Flamethrower, Molotov Grenade, Throwing Knives, Flare Gun, Timer Satchel (Timer Satchel is non selectable, it’s always carried). Thermite Flat Pack (Thermite Flat Pack is non selectable, it is a subclass to the Satchel Charge).


Updated Weapons
An update to the Stinger Missile Launcher, AT4 and Flare Gun (longer lasting Green Flares).



Donated to TIO and new to Black Hawk Down is a Mobile Chinook with Armoury and a Mobile Technical with Armoury. (Armoury available for use when vehicle is in motion)



Updated Winter foliage, Heaps more Jungle and Desert foliage, New foliage for Volcanic Theme.


Jungle Huts, Jungle Structures, more City and Desert buildings, more Winter buildings and Volcanic buildings. A lot of new skins for buildings.



A Volcanic Theme has been added. Volcanic terrains, buildings and Rubble, Foliage, Rocks, Lava flows and Erupting Volcano Effects.



THINGS THAT EXPLODE OR GO BOOM (These items never exploded before)
Exploding Fire Barrel, Large Food Crate, C130 Plane, Three Team Sabre Large Oil Tanks, Fountain, Double Telegraph pole, Coffee Table, Small Field Armoury, 16ft Mesh Fence section.

The Large Group of Grass catches fire and burns, leaving a clear field of view.



There is much much more then what is stated above, it’s a mappers paradise and a great revisit for all players, especially for players who enjoy Co-Op.


Our aim with this version is to try and slow down the run and gun style of play and make you use a more tactical approach. Now that the AI are more capable and have weapons to match, your game play has to change. If you advance to fast you will die. We have a “No AI Re-Spawn” policy in our maps made for our TIOcoop92 servers. So once you have battled hard for that ground, it’s yours, no AI re-spawn. Our 92 servers have hundreds of new maps in rotation, all with no AI re-spawn.



If this Mod generated enough interest, we would consider converting it to a Mod for all game type and not just Co-Op.






You Can Not have the “Medic Mod” in your Game Folder, if you are going to play any of our Mods. Remove the “Weapon.def” file to another Folder before you play our Mod, or re-name it. (Example – Re-Name The Weapon.def to WeaponX.def). When you wish to use the “Medic Mod“, remove the “X” from the “Weapon.def” file.

If you do not re-move or re-name the “Medic Mod” and you try to join a TIOcoop Mod server you will be punted automatically.


You are able to install our TIOcoop Mod with Black Hawk Down only or with Black Hawk Down Team Sabre installed on your computer. Both Black Hawk Down and Black Hawk Down Team Sabre players can join a TIOcoop Mod server and play together.


Black Hawk Down (BHD) original game created by Novalogic.

Black Hawk Down Team Sabre (BHDTS) Team Sabre expansion created by Novalogic.

TIOcoop Mod (TIOcoop Mod Version 1.9.2.) Modification to Black Hawk Down and Team Sabre created by  Renegade Games Entertainment. 




You can always find our Game Server info Here in a post called TIO Server IP’s and Ports