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Welcome to the new TIOCoop Site

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Welcome all to the new TIOCoop site.

If you were a past member your Username is still in the Database along with your Email you used to originally register with.

What you need to do is RESET YOUR PASSWORD, an email will be sent and then make a new password and login.

There are still a few bugs i didn't have time to finish before transferring the site which will be attended to in the coming days.

Omg All my stuff is gone lol. Nice website m8.

Quote from Silent on May 7, 2022, 2:06 pm

Omg All my stuff is gone lol. Nice website m8.


The Web host got brought out by a bigger company which upgraded the servers from 5.6php to 7.4php which in turn broke the old site. I still have EVERYTHING backed up and running on my home PC (via xamp) so i can still see all old posts and files.

I was able to import the user names and emails but all other data was lost due to the coding on the old site.

I have tripped over a few times trying to set everything up properly which is why some had trouble the first few days of this new one being up. But i think it's all correct now, just got to finish a few thing off.

p.s. Glad you like the new site 🙂

Something went sideways the first time I tried to reset my password, but it worked today.

Clicking the 'Edit Profile' link on my profile just throws me back to the main page. I thought Maybe if I post a thing all quick-like, that'll change, but I don't mind say hi, anyway.

Edit: Georgia is a pretty font. 12pt looks a little large, though. Consider this me babbling to myself.

Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat

Hi @baldo_the_don

You are correct your edit profile should take you to the back end but it is looping to the front page.
The wonders of Wordpress, you add a 3rd party add-on to a 3rd party plugin so it will work correct but breaks other sections, so add an another 3rd party plugin to fix the other plugin lol

I will get on it today and sort it out. (Then i will fix the forum editor so it shows editor stuff in correct text colour not faded gray and white on white links)


Ok, edit profile fixed!

You can now add a map to the maps download section and have your own uploads folder.
As well as being able to edit your profile now.
Please let me know if you have an issue.


I'm hesitant to mention that I can't seem to get my profile picture to work 'cause I might be being dumb, or it's a Wordpress problem, not a TioCoop problem. I've uploaded the .jpg, I click 'Select,' then 'Update Profile,' and no picture still. My signature and a bit in the bio worked okay, though.

I might be being dumb. Possibly distracted.

Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat

Nope just a Wordpress thing lol.

Still working on fixing that one, hope to have it fixed today....

Another issue fixed!

Avatars now working again.

2 x Options, click on your Profile > Edit Profile will take you to the Dashboard. There you can use Gavatar to upload image or the simple way...

Click your Account Tab,  Click View Profile, Click on Settings Icon on Right, Click Edit Profile. Now you will see a Camera over your Blank Avatar Image. Click on that and Upload Image.

So when I moused over the 'Account' tab, the list dropped down, I didn't see anything about 'View Profile', 'cause it took me a minute to realize that mousing over the 'Account' button not only drops that list, I can actually click where it says 'Account'!

I got that far, got my avatar working, and spent a half hour playing the Battlefield 2 demo trying to catch a screenshot that shows off the blood effects I added to it, so I could use that as a banner. 'Cause on the TIOCoop/DFBHDTS site, of course I'm going to show off my BF2 demo mods.

The nifty Kobra T reticle I made is also in the screenshot, which was processed by the website to a bit of a blurry mess. * sigh *

I'll attach it here, what the hell...

Uploaded files:
  • screen085.jpg
Quos deus vult perdere prius dementat
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