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Router Ports

Does anybody know what the port# is for Black Hawk Down? When I host a game it shows up in the list but nobody came join any suggestion's. 

Hi Lonewolf,

The Port number for Black Hawk Down is 17479. If you are hosting one game only, you should have no problem with the standard port.

If your Firewall is being a pain, open up that port number in your router.  Check your Antivirus program, make sure it is not blocking your server.

If you are still having trouble, try hosting using the Server Manager. The Server Manager can be found in our Downloads section under BHD Hosting Tools.

Check if the port is open on "can you see me".... The computer and BHD / Server tools must be running while you check

Open Port Check Tool -- Verify Port Forwarding on Your Router (


And hellooo all Im in Da house again  :lol: 

Hey Warrior, good to hear from you. I sent you a PM.

Hey LoneWolf how did you go getting it sorted?

Still shows but nobody can join dunno.


Here is how mine is set out.

Firewall, Antivirus or Ports is the usual reason.



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The only thing I see different is the remote host mine has no place to enable it. I tried it again and it is showing up but nobody tried to join dunno buddy. 

Change External Port to 17479 not 17478

Remote Host is External IP, try swapping them around so External is 32.142... and Internal is

Restart Router and see how you go.