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medic mod 1.9.1 or 1.9.2?

i dont know which one i need to install with medic mod.

 do i need the  updates bhd and bhdts to use the medic mod?

thank you


Hi Ozzy,

If your BHD or BHDTS is not version 1.5.0, you should update your game. The updates can be found in our download area under "BHD Utilities".

--links for Updating your Game--

Delta Force Black Hawk Down version 1.5 Update

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre version 1.5 Update


I think you are getting confused between the "Medic Mod" and our TIOcoop Mod. Below is a link explaining the differences.

(1) TIOcoop Mod and Medic Mod – Differences briefly Explained – Forum – TIOCoop


If you wish to play our TIOcoop Mod, download TIOcoop Mod version 1.9.2. This is our latest version.


thank you Ted 🙂 

i downloaded the tio mod,but it do not install.

the exe do not work.  it says... this file contains invalid data!

can you help with this?  thank you


You should not use the bhd.exe file but the shortcut that is created on the desktop.... TIOcoop Mod V1.9.2


Hey Ozzy,

I see you joining and getting punted immediately. Remember to re-move the "Medic Mod" from your game folder or re-name it before you play the TIOcoop Mod.


You Can Not have the “Medic Mod” in your Game Folder, if you are going to play any of our Mods. Remove the “Weapon.def” file to another Folder before you play our Mod, or re-name it. (Example – Re-Name The Weapon.def to WeaponX.def). When you wish to use the “Medic Mod“, remove the “X” from the “Weapon.def” file.