BMS2MIS Converter V1.05 by FWO_Raven


Useful tool for converting your BMS file to a MIS file


This Tool will convert any Delta Force Black hawk Down Binary Mission File with the File Extension “BMS” to the ASCII Mission File Format with the File Extension “MIS” that can be Loaded by the Mission Editor that comes with the Game.


–General Info–

The idea of this Program is that you can see by Example how other Mappers built their Map.


The BMS2MIS Converter does not Convert the Naming Conventions good Mappers use. Meaning, all the names of the Events, Groups, Area Triggers and Waypoints will have the Default Name and not the Mapper Naming.


Another great Tool by FwO Raven. Useful for all Mappers, especially Novice Mappers.



–Developer Readme–

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