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TIOcoop Mod and Medic Mod - Differences briefly Explained

Mod Differences

A little note to briefly explain the differences between Mods. To help clear up some misconception people have with Mods, especially the Mods on this site.

MEDIC MOD - Can't use in Novaworld Servers
The Medic Mod is an edit of the Weapon Definition file for BHD. The Medic Mod has to be put into you game folder and your game shortcut has to have the "space/d" added to your target location before it can work with your Original game.

You can only use this Medic Mod in servers that allow you too or you will be punted or banned as a cheater. The Medic Mod is a Hack, this is why you can't play in Novaworld servers.

Anyone can see if you had the Medic Mod with all it's extras and the rival Team didn't, it would be very unfair. So most servers stay with the original game setup.

TIOCOOP MOD - No problem with Novaworld Servers
The TIOcoop Mod is a Modification of the game of BHD and BHDTS and not just one file like the Medic hack. The TIOcoop Mod has it's own Executable file which runs the Mod instead of the DFBHD.exe. TIOcoop Mod has an installer and un-installer and is an expansion of BHDTS, simular to what Team Sabre expansion is to BHD.

Installing the TIOcoop Mod is easy, it gives you desktop shorcuts and it comes with an un-locked Mission Editor. You can play maps made for BHD, BHDTS and maps made through the Mods Mission Editor.

TIOcoop Mod has no conflicts with BHD, BHDTS or novaworld. You have to join a TIOcoop Mod server to play the Mod or host a game through TIOcoop Mod on Novaworld.
You can't join BHD, BHDTS game servers using the TIOcoop Mod and BHD, BHDTS users can't join the TIOcoop Mod servers.

If you use the Medic Mod and try to join a TIOcoop Mod server you will be punted automatically. Re-move the Medic Mod from your game folder or re-name it before you play any of our Mods.

Please feel free to post comments, other information or corrections.

sorry another thicko here i cannot join any tio coop server is there a complete idiots guide available?


Quote from neelixRS on July 25, 2022, 1:57 am

sorry another thicko here i cannot join any tio coop server is there a complete idiots guide available?


Hi Kyran and Welcome.

Did you install the Mod and can't join any servers?

Novalogic is down at the moment so you will need the BHD Pinger you can get  >>HERE<<

You will need to add the servers manually into the Pinger due to nova being down a list of IP and Ports can be found >>HERE<<  or  >>HERE<<

If your still having issues please feel free to drop back and let up know so we can get you in the game shooting people.