TIO Arms Trade Single Player

TIO Arms Trade Single Player. A remake of an old BHD Single Player map.

Your mission:destroy radios,destroy weapon crates,destroy trucks,destroy weapon emplacement,kill advancing troops,destroy command center and reach final waypoint.

92-Code Name Blizzard-Sp

New single-player map, Set in the Arctic, Hope everyone enjoys it, But it is a little tough, You might die a few times,


First map ever. Hard Map. Your compound is infiltrated and under fire.Fight your way out, capture all spawn points and make it until the end. There is only one way out.Shoot on the nukes

TIO-Northern Winds-Co-Op

Well People if I was to rate this map, I would say if you don’t like to die, Don’t play this map, LOL
Good Luck Soldier

TIO-Frozen Tundra-Co-Op

This is a Artic map, AI’s Are hiding pretty good, Some responders but not that many, Good luck and I hope you enjoy it,


Just a small Co-oP, It is a little bit of a challenge, Good for one to six player,

TIO Survival


TIO MOD required.
TIO Survival Coop map: The map layout is a hard mission on an island. You have 5 goals to complete.(1) Kill all targets near and in the bungalows. (2) Destroy the weapon crates. (3) Destroy the missiles. (4) Destroy the tanks and finally (5) destroy the cargo ships to complete the mission. Good luck soldier. Thanks for feedback.

TIO Consider it done

Destroy all facilities . Consider it done.

Rebels performed experiments with toxic nerve gas but became zombies. You are send to the site to destroy all facilities. There are 5 goals to complete: (1) destroy the missiles, (2) destroy the radios, (3) find the documents, (4) kill all targets in the main building and finally (5) destroy the tanks and the chemical cargo trucks. Good luck soldier and consider it
done !!!.

TIO Amphibious Assault(Upd2)

Updated version! (Upd2) Fixed non working dead zones. You can enter gate without intel docs now.

Hard map…

Go in by chopper or boat. Try to destroy beach defenses with Gatling guns. Chopper is going to land on water. Take spawn under water. Crawl on land and destroy the ted boxes.

They are waiting for you over the top. Try to bypass them and fight your way into village. You will be safe nowhere.

Destroy all weapon crates, Destroy the com. center, retrieve Intel docs.
Blow up the generators to get access to oil refinery. Be sure to have intel with you and all crates blown up…

Hard War-Frontline

Hard map

Break trough their defenses. Destroy all weapon crates,Destroy com center. Take the flag. Hard map 3 people or more